Bollard story is online!

I wrote a story about my journey from discovering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to my debut MMA fight for The Bollard, a local monthly paper here in Portland. It’s now online at

This was a tough story to write. It’s been a long time since I did a feature story and it’s hard to write about yourself, especially when you know people you look up to are going to read it. Chris Busby, the Bollard’s editor, was really patient with me and provided invaluable help with his edits.

Writing this story took up a lot of time and energy that I’m now hoping to put back into training and updating Seven Breaths more often.


3 thoughts on “Bollard story is online!

  1. John,
    Sorry I didn’t say much about the piece yesterday – I was just letting it soak in.

    I really enjoyed the writing. I know you had mentioned that the editor had forced you to make some changes but from what was published I was impressed.
    It was nice meeting you – maybe we’ll have some more drinks before I have to go back to school.

  2. No problem dude. The editor’s changes were all actually really good! Chris Busby is a gentleman and a scholar.

    See you soon!

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