Training has been tough lately.

I went into my fight training with a professional job and a girl I was really into. During the training for my fight, I lost the job, and I got dumped by my girlfriend. I’ve since gotten a job working as a bouncer at a local strip club. It’s actually a fun job, and as an aspiring writer you can’t deny the life experience I’m going to get into. But it’s still quite a changeup from the stability I enjoyed a few months ago.

Switching to the night shift has been hard. I’ve physically adjusted to sleeping different hours, for the most part (and I’ve light-proofed my room, thanks to the good advice of a dear friend!), but I still always feel like I’ve gotten a late start on every day, and in general, I’m all out of sorts. I am a forgetful person by nature and when I get thrown out of a routine things get wacky. My experience today was a great example.

I had intended to go into the gym early and leave late, but I crashed hard right away. I decided to sit through live training and take a beginner’s class, but instead went home and took a nap . On the way home, I realized I had only eaten some yogurt and trail mix before training.I grabbed some Chinese food on the way home, scarfed it down like a dog, and crashed landed on my bed, falling asleep immediately.

All this is sort of scary – I’m disappointed that I’m not getting as much training as I’d like to, and I’m worried I’m not going to make enough money to make ends meet. But I’m going to hang tough and see where things go before I do anything drastic.


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