Breakfast Recipe: Fruit Smoothie

Bottling your smoothie

Smoothie to go

I started eating fat-free yogurt with blueberries during my last fight cycle. It’s an ideal breakfast: No fat, lots of protein and natural sugar to get you going. I would eat this and then snack on a banana or some oatmeal a couple of hours later,  and that would get me to lunch.

More recently, I’ve started blending the fruit and yogurt into a smoothie. I like this for two reasons: It tastes better, and you can pack it into bottles for later. This recipe makes four servings, so if you fill up your Nalgene or Thermos, you’ll have breakfast already made for you for most of the week.

Simple Yogurt Fruit Smoothie

A lot of people put protein powder and a bunch of other crazy stuff into their smoothies. This is a basic fruit smoothie that already has a lot of protein from the yogurt, and a ton of nutrients from the fruit – especially the antioxidants from the blueberries. If you’ve never made a smoothie before, start with this and then experiment with adding supplements. I personally like to keep it simple.

For example, I’ve added coffee grinds to my smoothies before. This makes for an eye-popping energy drink, but has the downside that you can’t seperate the caffeine later if you’re hungry and don’t want to get wired.

I list the apple as optional because skinning it adds some prep time. It’s totally worth it in my experience, though – the tartness and texture makes the whole drink a lot more tasty.


Note: All measurements (except for the yogurt) are approximate. I’ve never measured the amount of stuff I put into these things.

Ingredients for the simple yogurt smoothie

Ingredients for the simple yogurt smoothie

  • Nonfat Yogurt, 32 oz container (Compare brands for the one with the least sugar. A lot of them have 32mg/serving, but you want more like 16mg/serving. The strawberry-flavored Hannaford brand yogurt tastes good and is sweetened with Sucralose.)
  • Bananas (2x)
  • Orange Juice, 2 cups
  • Frozen blueberries, 1 cup
  • Optional: 1 granny smith/fuji apple


Blending the smoothie

Blending the smoothie

  1. Put the OJ and the container of yogurt in first. If you start with solids, the blades might just spin around and you’ll have to stir before the whole thing will blend.
  2. If you use an apple, skin it and put the meat of the apple into the blender.
  3. Add the remaining ingredients.
  4. Blend until you get a uniform texture.


If you need to pack your meal away from a fridge, add a few ice cubes in a thermos, and it will last all day.

Remember, this recipe (based on the 32 oz container of yogurt) makes four servings. If you drink a quarter of what you made and you’re still hungry, wait about 10 minutes and it will likely go away. Your body tends to signal desire to keep eating something tasty even when you’re not really that hungry. Even if you’re still hungry, wait a couple of hours and then eat some oatmeal.

Also, remember to clean the blender immediately (especially if it’s your roomates’, which the one I use is!). This stuff washes right out when it’s fresh, but it hardens and gets nasty if you leave it for even a couple of hours.


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