Taking it easy

179 lbs!

179 lbs!

I took three days off from the gym and today, by the end of work, I was looking forward to going in to train. I realized how I’ve been forcing myself into it for a few weeks at least. Once I got there, I got about halfway through class and I was getting impatient for it to end. This wasn’t even a class with live training. I’m definitely burnt out.

Anyway, so more about what I’ve been doing. I trained for two fights that I didn’t end up having. The first time, as I said in my last post, was just to see if I could hack it. The second time, I was on the list to fight in a local MMA production as an amateur. This means the gloves are a little bigger, you wear shin pads, and the rounds are shorter (three minute rounds instead of five). I was looking for a catch weight of 175 and didn’t end up getting a fight. So that’s two times I’ve gone through the fight training.

I’ll talk in more detail in a later post about what fight training is like. What it comes down to in the end is, no matter how dedicated someone is, at the end of the day you’re there for fun and/or your own edification, and you train accordingly. If your foot hurts or you’re tired, you’ll skip a class. It’s no problem. But when you’re training for a fight, it’s literally another part time job. You show up six times a week, whether you want to or not, and you train hard.

I met my goals, though! My conditioning is awesome – I don’t get tired nearly as quickly as I used to in stress situations like high-intensity kickboxing. And the weight loss was really significant. It was the most drastic change I’ve seen in my body since I first started taking martial arts and took off all the baby fat. My weight has stabilized at about 180 lbs, from a starting high of about 194 and a low of 172. That means I lost about 14 lbs, and was able to cut 8 lbs of water weight on top of that. MASSIVE JUSTICE !! I’ll talk more about how I did that in a later post too.

Anyway. For now that is all.


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