chronically overtrained

I have been training my ass off for the last few months. I’ve gone through two training cycles for two different fights. The first time my instructor had me go through the training to see whether I could hack it, and the second time I was on the list, but the promoter didn’t find a match for me. I’ve cut my weight from 195 lbs down to 182 in the first fight cycle, then down to 172 in the second.

I felt really good at the end of the second fight cycle, but now I’m starting to feel broken down. Obviously I’ve been overtraining and I need to give myself a break. Speaking of overtraining and recovery, I ordered another copy of The New Toughness Training for Sports by James E Loehr. I’m going to review this book in detail in a later post; It’s been a major inspiration for me, and a road map for getting my head in the game before competition. But I haven’t followed it very deeply and I think I have a lot to learn from a second reading.

I’ve learned some cool new jiu jitsu, which I’ll also talk about later, but I’ve mostly been kickboxing. I’ve been working on kicking into punch combinations, the thai clinch, and on body conditioning. It’s insane how tough a good kickboxer’s shins are. They can kick metal posts pretty hard without flinching.


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