Boxing, Weaving, Crossfitting

Inoculating the new guys against our furious technique

Every now and then, our instructor will teach an advanced class that all of the experienced guys pick right up and start using all at once. For a week or two, you’ll suddenly see that move every time people roll. Then, even the guys who didn’t learn the technique catch on and learn how to defend against it. It’s interesting how a technique blows through the gym like that, and how the new guys indirectly benefit: Add that technique to the growing list of moves they don’t know yet, but that they can defend against. It’s like a virus that takes over for a while, and then the organism develops antibodies. When our new guys go to tournaments, they will be ready against advanced techniques that they haven’t even learned yet.

Tanglefoot and The open guard weave

The latest fad at my gym was the leglock and tanglefoot game that I’ve <a href=””>talked about before.</a> One of the instructors has gotten good at stepping back directly to the tanglefoot instead of attacking the kneebar first. It’s a slick setup, and I wasn’t able to squirm out of it even though I knew exactly what he was doing. I’m also working on getting better at the weave, an open guard technique where you thread one leg behind one of his legs and put the top of that foot against the hip on the opposite side. The sweeps from this position are a lot like those in the x-guard. In fact, this position is like a reverse version of the x-guard.


I’ve been working hard on my striking. I’m trying to tamp down my flinch reflex, which is keeping me from being able to relax and throw back. Yesterday I boxed for the better part of an hour with my boy Casey and he said I did a good job throwing three and four punch combos rather than the jabs and two-punch combos that are all newbies can usually dish out. Boxing is a lot of fun! It’s like a twitchy video game, played at warp speed compared to the slow churning of a grappling match.

Casey did a really good job of keeping the pace and the power he was using at a level I could handle. He did rock me with a hook to the temple at one point, though. The lights went out for a split second and I had to catch my balance. Fun stuff!

Working out!

I did a crossfit, too, for the first time in weeks. I’m looking to get my fitness back on track. Since I got a desk job it’s been a lot harder not to go soft in my habits out of the gym. I eat too much, I drink too much coffee, I drink too much booze.


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