Personal BJJ update

I’m still trying to figure out if I’ve attained some level of competency in these two and a half years, or if I’m destined to be a spaz forever. In reality both of these statements are true. I feel like my positional jiu jitsu is coming along, but I don’t have slick submissions like I should have at this point.

My shoulder is still bugging me. These AC joint separations take forever to get to 100%. I’ve been at the point where I can roll no problem for months now, but I still can’t do more than 15 or 20 pushups and I really miss doing wall-balls in my crossfits.

We did flow drills and start-to-finish drills in advanced BJJ class today. Despite all my experience on the mat, I still feel awkward and weird when I do these. This is something that I definately need to do more often. It’s painful because you feel awkward doing it at first, but it is an avenue to filling in all those holes you’ve got in your game. In this post, I talk about how you should do them, and how I only have the patience to do them for warmups, but that’s not true. I don’t have the patience to do them at all. I plan to find a partner I can do this with in preparation for the tournament here in Portland in October.

That’s a recurring problem: I can’t find a partner who is willing to drill for a good solid hour without getting bored and wandering off or talking my ear off. I need to find someone who really wants to work. A good training partner is an essential asset in this sport – and in other sports, I’m sure.

In advanced BJJ, we also covered the X-guard and connected it to the leglocks and tanglefoot we’ve all been working on. The x-guard is cool and interesting, but it’s totally useless in MMA, so I’m loath to spend a lot of time on it. As much sport jiu jitsu as I do, I should probably at least learn the sweeps well enough that I don’t have to run back to my notes when I want to remember how to do them.


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